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How to apply laser processing technology to sheet metal

Classification:Frequently asked question Release time:2023-05-15 340

The major feature of laser cutting processing technology is that it can be processed without the need for molds. The use of laser cutting processing saves a lot of mold usage, thereby shortening production time and reducing product costs. Laser processing technology has better advantages in the market, which is very conducive to the production of various small batch products and subsequent large-scale production of products.

The sheet metal workshop laser itself is a coherent light source with high brightness, accurate directionality, monochromaticity, and parallelism, and its energy density is very high. When a focused laser beam can generate high temperatures on the irradiated material. Under the action of tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, no matter how hard the material is, it will immediately melt and evaporate, while generating shock waves, melting and removing the material. In the process of laser material processing, local heating essentially melts to form vaporized materials.

The laser cutting processing technology in the sheet metal workshop can process parts that are difficult to achieve using traditional methods, such as steel parts with large boxes, which require processing of many different sizes of holes, which traditional processing methods cannot achieve. However, laser cutting processing technology can meet these requirements. Even when processing the same parts, laser cutting processing technology has the advantages of high accuracy and short time, so the product has strong market competitiveness.

The laser cutting process in the sheet metal workshop has strong flexibility on a two-dimensional plane. When used, the cutting head of the fixed cutting machine for the workpiece is in a moving state, which does not cause processing dead corners. This correspondingly improves the utilization rate of the processed materials, eliminates the need for micro connections in the equipment, and makes the laser cutting processing equipment simpler.

The computer control system of laser cutting processing equipment is controlled as a whole, and corresponding processing can be carried out without the need for single control of parts, setting of molds, and designing processing routes. Therefore, it can greatly shorten the process preparation time of laser cutting processing technology. Laser cutting processing equipment has fast processing speed, shortened processing time, and improved production efficiency.

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