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The Effect of Surface Spraying on Equipment Shell Sheet Metal Parts

Classification:News Release time:2023-04-19 1023

The spraying process on the surface of sheet metal processing chassis and cabinets is of great significance for sheet metal processing, as surface spraying has a protective effect on sheet metal. Sheet metal chassis, cabinets, equipment casings, etc., are exposed to the air and will not be oxidized under the protection of the coating, so they will not rust and have the function of waterproofing and rust prevention.

The surface spraying process for sheet metal processing generally consists of four steps: first processing the base layer, then making a layer of primer, then adding an intermediate layer of paint, and then making the surface layer.

1. Basic treatment: For sheet metal processing products, rust removal treatment, such as sandblasting, phosphating, etc., needs to be carried out first.

2. Primer: Epoxy zinc rich primer used in sheet metal processing. The main purpose of this layer of primer is to protect steel structures and steel products, and prevent rust. Its coating has good physical and chemical properties, is easy to apply, and has good matching performance. The main components are: epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, zinc powder, anti rust pigments, additives, and organic solvents.

3. Intermediate paint: The sheet metal processing products use epoxy mica iron intermediate paint, which is used in conjunction with epoxy zinc rich primer as a long-term anti-corrosion coating transition layer. Its function is to enhance the sealing and anti-corrosion properties of the composite coating, and it can also be used as a anti-corrosion and antirust primer. The coating film is strong and tough, with good adhesion and sealing properties, and good compatibility with the front and rear coatings. Its components include epoxy resin and curing agent, carrier iron oxide, and rust resistant pigments.

4. Surface layer: There are many types of spray paint that can be used for the surface layer, such as epoxy asphalt topcoat, chlorinated rubber topcoat, acrylic and polyurethane topcoat, fluorocarbon topcoat, etc.

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