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The difference between sheet metal processing and precision sheet metal processing

Classification:News Release time:2023-04-28 850

Precision sheet metal processing is also sheet metal processing, and the two are actually the same concept, with one difference being precision. The processing accuracy of sheet metal parts has greatly improved from traditional manual workshops to equipment processing. But there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve precision sheet metal processing.

1、 Differences in machining accuracy:

The general precision of sheet metal processing is between 0.2-1 millimeters, while the precision of sheet metal processing is generally less than 0.2 millimeters.

2、 Differences in processing technology:

Ordinary sheet metal is processed using traditional processing equipment, such as ordinary punches, angle machines, etc., in order to achieve shape, often targeting batch products, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, making it difficult to achieve some complex processes.

Precise sheet metal adopts high-precision CNC sheet metal equipment, which is suitable for the processing of large and small batches of products. It has the characteristics of short Makespan, high precision, good unity, etc.

The processing accuracy of sheet metal parts is influenced by processing equipment and sheet metal unfolding dimensions. Precision sheet metal requires more accurate cutting dimensions, which requires more professional sheet metal unfolding technology.

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