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The workflow of the automated production line for sheet metal processing

Classification:Company News Release time:2023-06-08 235

A typical automatic line for sheet metal processing, mainly including material warehouse, laser cutting machine, automatic loading and unloading, and robot bending unit, and these processes can not be separated from transportation. Installing an electric permanent magnet magnetic chuck on the robot manipulator can speed up the work process, safe and efficient!


1. Material loading in the material warehouse - Operators use honing trucks or forklifts to transport the raw materials to the stacker, which then transports the sheet materials into the warehouse. Raw material outbound - The electric raw material platform takes out the entire package of board materials from the material warehouse according to production needs.

2. Loading - The electric permanent magnet chuck of the truss manipulator moves to the laser feeding area to absorb the sheet material, and then sends the sheet material to the laser cutting machine exchange workbench. The Z-axis moves to a safe position, and the laser cutting machine starts to work.

3. Blanking - After cutting the sheet, the truss manipulator moves to the top of the workbench, and an electric permanent magnet magnetic chuck is installed below the manipulator to absorb the finished sheet and transport it to the electric trolley to ensure the integrity of the finished product.

4. Sorting and transfer - after the waste is manually removed, the manipulator electric permanent magnet chuck will quickly turn over after absorbing the cutting machine, and then it will be transported to the feeding area of the bending unit.

5. Automatic bending - the robot permanent magnet manipulator grabs the cutting pieces from the electric trolley, automatically bends them according to the set procedure, and stacks them on the blanking tray after completion.

In order to meet the different needs of the enterprise and the particularity of the workpiece, according to the process, the electric permanent magnet magnetic chuck is equipped to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece while not dropping the workpiece, safe and applicable!

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